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【4月12日(金)/13日(土)開催!】Global Leadership Fellows Program (GLFP)説明会開催のお知らせ/ [12th (Fri) and 13th (Sat) of April] Global Leadership Fellows Program (GLFP) Information Session!


Begin Your Journey with Waseda Global Leadership Fellows Program!





【会場】早稲田キャンパス国際会議場 3F第 2会議室

【会場】早稲田キャンパス国際会議場 3F第 2会議室


留学センター 22号館 4階
Email: out-cie@list.waseda.jp


We are holding GLFP Information Session during Spring Study Abroad Fair on Apr.12 and 13.
In this session, we will give you special information on the overview of the GLFP program and on application conditions of GLFP to anyone interested in applying!

"I am interested in studying at prestigious universities in the US!"
"I want to keep studying with students from the US partner universities after one-year of study abroad!"
"I want to work globally after graduation!"
"I want to try something new at the university! I want to accomplish something!"

If your thoughts are any of the above, the information session is a must-go! Please feel free to join us. We will be looking forward to meeting you!

What we will be talking about: detailed information on the program outline

<< First Day >>
[Date and Time] April 12 (Fri), 2024 15:50~16:10
[Venue]Conference Room #2, 3rd Floor of International Conference Center, Waseda Campus

<< Second Day >>
[Date and Time] April 13 (Sat), 2024 14:30~14:50
[Venue]Conference Room #2, 3rd Floor of International Conference Center, Waseda Campus

  • *Contents of both information sessions will be the same
  • *No booking needed. You are free to join/leave anytime
  • *In Japanese only

Center for International Education
22nd Building 4F
Email: out-cie@list.waseda.jp