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After Study Abroad留学後プログラム


Waseda students and students from the U.S. partner universities will be enrolled in Global Leadership Fellows Forum and the U.S.-Japan Zemi.

グローバル・リーダーシップ・フェローズ・フォーラムGlobal Leadership Fellow Forum


Global Leadership Fellows Forum provides a place for the community building among the GLFP Fellows. All the Fellows will meet regularly every week to discuss global issues and work on research projects about global issues. Research projects are conducted individually or as a group (subject to change). Fellows learn from each other to understand different approaches and perspectives to analyze the issues and discuss the possible solutions. These experiences would be the ideal opportunity to exercise and practice leadership for the prospective leaders who expand their horizon and shape our global future. (mandatory)※

日米共同ゼミU.S.-Japan Zemi

GLFPの学生は、特定の学問分野(社会科学分野・人文科学分野)のゼミを履修し、文献課題に関するディスカッション、リサーチ・プロジェクトを通じて、ゼミのテーマとなる学問への理解を深めていきます。ゼミにおける学びを自らの専門分野にも活かすこともできます。 (必修)

Waseda and U.S. Fellows will be enrolled in zemis, or Japanese-style seminars in a specific discipline in both Humanities and Social Science under a close supervision by professors. Through a close reading of literatures in the discipline and discussion, and research papers, they will deepen their understanding of the themes in an academic discipline to strengthen their academic study. (mandatory)

Introduction of the Zemi

Richi Sakakibara (Professor, School of International Liberal Studies)
Global Leadership Fellows Program Directed Research Seminar

[Zemi Syllabus]
Zemi Syllabus - Prof. Richi Sakakibara (2024 Spring)
Zemi Syllabus - Prof. Richi Sakakibara (2024 Fall)

[Message to the Prospective Fellows]
Reading literature is a great way to understand culture. In my US-Japan zemi, we’ll read and discuss various literary works of modern and contemporary Japan. All of these works address universal issues ? love, violence, war, gender, identity, terrorism, sexuality, etc.? but at the same time, these issues manifest themselves in a local manner. By analyzing the way in which these familiar issues are represented in literature, we will be able to see the specific cultural/historical situation Japan has been placed since 1945. I’m looking forward to working with you in my zemi!

Kazuhiko Yokota (Professor, School of Commerce)
Global Leadership Fellows Program (GLFP) Directed Seminar - Global Business and Economics

[Zemi Syllabus]
Zemi Syllabus - Prof. Kazuhiko Yokota (2025 Spring)
Zemi Syllabus - Prof. Kazuhiko Yokota (2025 Fall)

[Message to the Prospective Fellows]
The ultimate goal of studying at university is for you to have the ambition to leave the world a little better off than when you were born. To achieve this, it is important to actually and calmly observe and judge what is happening in the world today. Studying abroad will give you the first opportunity to do so. Something may happen to those who are just waiting. But if you take action, what you gain is much greater.

  • *The professors and syllabuses will be subject to change.