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A Four-year Curriculum4年間のカリキュラム

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1年次1st Year

2年次2nd Year

3年次3rd Year

4年次4th Year


Application Requirements


*大学によって、GPA 3.3以上必要となる場合があります。

The program is open to all undergraduate students, although it is especially intended for first year students. A GPA of 3.0 or higher (by CIE's calculation formula) is required. An English skill level required by the university you hope to attend must be met by the time of your official application (around January to February) to that university.

*A GPA of 3.3 or more may be required for some universities, etc.



From October – November, about 15 students will be selected from the undergraduate student's applicants, a majority of whom will be freshman. Screening is based on assessment of their grades, English proficiency (TOEFL, IELTS), essays written in Japanese or English interviews, etc.(Please take note that the selection process may change depending on the academic year )

Introductory Education


Through a special, small-group course conducted in English called the “GLFP Preparatory Comparative Cultures Course”, the students will acquire essential basic knowledge. The students will also learn skills such as essay writing in English and discussion through the “GLFP Preparatory English Course” (fee-based)

Preparing Application Documents and Go Abroad


This is the period to prepare application documents required by the host university and make necessary preparations for traveling such as applying for a visa.

Study Abroad


The students will travel to the United States to study at one of the prestigious universities that participate in this program in order to expand their knowledge of Asia and Western societies in areas such as history, culture and society, and they will also take courses relevant to their major at Waseda University.

After Returning Home


Together with students studying at Waseda University who came from U.S. universities, Waseda students will participate in the U.S.-Japan Zemi and the Global Leader Fellows Forum.

Graduation Thesis by School, Presentation at the Seminar


Fellows will take on the challenge of presenting the outcomes such as in the form of a graduation thesis at the seminar of their affiliated undergraduate school, by integrating their GLFP learning and experience with their own knowledge in their field of study. (There are no mandatory GLFP courses in the last semester)

  • *上記は、4月入学者のスケジュールになります。9月入学、また2年生以上の学生も、プログラム修了まで在学する意思がある(延長生となる可能性もある)場合は出願することができます。
    The schedule presented above applies to students entering the university in April. Students entering in September, or students in their second year or higher may apply if they have the intention of writing a thesis and staying at the university through the completion of the program.(and may stay enrolled beyond four years.)
  • *9月入学の学生は、2年次以降での出願となります。
    For these who enter the university in September, application will be submitted from the second year at Waseda.