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A Support System学生サポート

留学前Before Study Abroad


To adequately and sufficiently prepare students selected for GLFP prior to their study abroad, a GLFP Preparatory Comparative Cultures Course and also a GLFP Preparatory English Course to help students improve their English ability and college skills (learning skills needed at prestigious universities in the U.S.) are offered.

留学中During Study Abroad


Fellows can receive advice anytime from academic advisors in each university in the U.S.

留学後After Study Abroad


Fellows will complete “The U.S.-Japan Zemi” and “Global Leadership Fellows Forum”, which are carried out in small numbers of people and who are exclusively GLFP students.




Since the Global Leadership Fellows Program is an exchange program, fellows only have to pay the tuition as specified by their respective schools and will be exempted from paying tuitions to the host university.

Though fellows will be exempted from paying tuitions to the host university, they are responsible for expenses including dorm fees, food, textbooks and other fees related to activities at the host university. In addition, fellows are required to join a university-designated overseas travel insurance plan and bring the mobile phone specified by the university and will have to bear the cost for those services.