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GLFP Forum 10期生中間発表会を開催しました。/ The 10th GLFP Students' Mid-term Presentation was held.


2024年1月17日(水)、GLFP 10期生によるGLFP Forum中間発表会を開催しました。GLFP Forumは留学後の早大生が秋学期と春学期の1年間、米国協定大学からの留学生と一緒に履修するGLFPの必修カリキュラムです。昨年9月より来日中のUS学生2名と早大生7名の計9名がグローバルな課題について関心のあるテーマを選び、研究を行ないました。

中間発表となる今回、「エコーチェンバー」について考察を深め、対面およびオンライン同時配信により発表を行い、約50名の方々にご参加いただきました。質疑応答の時間では会場およびオンラインでご参加の皆さまから多くのコメントや質問が寄せられ、活発な議論が展開される非常に活気に満ちた会となり、GLFP 10期生にとって今後の研究活動に良い刺激となる有意義な機会となりました。

On Wednesday, January 17, in 2024, the 10th GLFP Students successfully gave mid-term presentations at GLFP Forum. GLFP Forum is a one-year mandatory curriculum in which post-study abroad Waseda students learn together with international students from the U.S. partner universities for a year in the fall and spring semesters. A total of 9 GLFP students, including 2 U.S. students who have joined since last September and 7 Waseda students conducted research on a global issue according to a theme of their interest.

In this mid-term presentation, they had deepened their understanding on "Echo Chambers," and gave their presentation to approximately 50 participants in hybrid (in person, online, and live streaming) format. During the Q&A session, the groups received many comments and questions from the on-site audience and online participants. It was a fruitful opportunity for the 10th GLFP students to inspire their future research activities.

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