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1月17日(水)GLFPフォーラム10期生中間発表会開催!/ The 10th GLFP Students' Mid-term Presentation to be held on Wednesday, January 17!




発言要旨はこちら から

【日時】 2024年1月17日(水)17:00~19:00
【場所】 早稲田キャンパス 22-206教室(22号館2階)
<Campus Map>※No.22の建物 2階です。
※Zoom による同時配信あり
【言語】 英語(同時通訳なし)
【登録方法】 2024年1月16日(火)23:59までに、 こちらのフォーム より事前登録をお願いします。
【発表者】 GLFP10期生
【問い合わせ先】  早稲田大学 留学センター GLFP事務局
Email: glp-office@list.waseda.jp


We are delighted to announce that the 10th GLFP Students' Mid-term Presentation will be held. This program aims to foster genuine global leaders who can accept and respect a diverse range of values through study abroad at top-rated universities in the U.S. and its unique curriculums. 9 of the 10th GLFP students, who have just started taking one of the curriculums "GLFP Forum" in collaboration with students from the U.S. partner universities since September 2023, will share their progress. We hope you can join!

Title:Echo Chambers Unveiled: Navigating Realities and Myths

You can see abstracts from here  .

【Date/Time】 January 17 (Wed) 5:00 pm~7:00 pm (JST)
【Venue】 Room# 22-206 (2nd Floor of Building #22) or Online (Zoom)**
<Campus Map>
** To those who request to join online, we will be sending out the Zoom link prior to the event.
【Language】 English
【Registration】 Please register through this form by January 16th, 2024 (Tuesday) 11:59 pm (JST)
【Presenters】 10th GLFP students
【Inquiries】 GLFP Office, Center for International Education, Waseda University
Email: glp-office@list.waseda.jp