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GLFP 6期生 Field Tripを実施しました(大分・別府)/
GLFP 6th Cohorts visited Beppu in GLFP Field Trip.


2020年2月初旬、GLFP Filed Tripを実施し、6期生および教職員で大分県・別府を訪れました。今回のField Tripの目的は立命館アジア太平洋大学(APU)において参加者一人一人が研究中間発表を行うことです。

In early February 2020, GLFP Students in the 6th Cohort and faculty and staffs visited Beppu, Oita, as GLFP Field Trip to make an interim research presentation at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU).

Hiroshima Trip1


On the 1st day, we moved to Oita from Haneda Airport by airplane and experienced Beppu’s speciality, "Tour of Hell". Students were not only sightseeing, but also able to explain to other members Beppu’s history and the origin of each hell pond, and deepen their understanding.After dinner at the hotel, several hours of workshops were held to prepare for the next day’s presentation.

Hiroshima Trip2

二日目は今回のField TripのハイライトとなるAPUでの中間研究発表会です。秋学期のForumの授業を通じて形作ってきた個々人の研究テーマや今後の進め方について発表を行い、春学期末の成果発表につなげていくための大事なステップです。既にAPUでは授業が終了している時期でしたが、多くの学生が参加してくれ、GLFP生の発表に耳を傾けていました。緊張しながらも堂々とした発表が続き、APU学生からも鋭い質疑が飛ぶなど、非常に活気のある発表会となりました。夜には早速、発表内容や質疑の内容に関する振り返りのワークショップがあり、さすがに全員クタクタの様子でした。

On the 2nd day, the highlight of this Field Trip, "Interim Research Presentation" at APU was held. It is an important step to make presentations on the themes of individuals that have been formed through the “Global Leadership Fellows Forum” offered in the fall semester and how to proceed in the future, and to lead to the announcement of results at the end of spring semester. Although the class had already been finished at APU, many students took part and listened to the presentation by GLFP students. The students gave their presentations nervously, and the APU students asked sharp questions, which made the presentation very lively. In the evening, there was a retrospective workshop on the contents of the presentations and questions, and everyone seemed to be beaten.

Hiroshima Trip3Hiroshima Trip4Hiroshima Trip5Hiroshima Trip6


On the 3rd day, we visited Usa-jingu and Rakan-ji temple and learned history in Oita and culture again. In addition, a workshop was held again on this day, and each student was able to examine the research plan from the next semester based on the results of the research presentation.


On the final day, we visited Beppu city in the morning and arrived Tokyo in the afternoon.

Hiroshima Trip7

4日間を通じ、秋学期のGLFP Forumでの学びを整理・発表し、また春学期以降につなげるためのよい機会となったほか、参加者間での交流も深まり、よいField Tripとなりました。

Throughout the four days, it was a good opportunity to organize and present learning at the GLFP Forum in the fall semester, connect it after the spring semester, and deepen exchanges among participants, making it a good Field Trip.