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Application Materials出願方法・選考日程

Updated: Oct. 21st, 2020

Application Requirement for GLFP Fall Recruitment (Deadline: Nov. 2020)GLFP秋募集(2020年11月締切分)の応募要件

新入生を中心とした全学部生が対象となります。GLFPでは、応募時にGPA*が3.0以上であることを条件とし、TOEFL iBT(TOEFL-ITPは不可)/IELTSのオリジナルスコアカード(Examinee Score Report)の提出が求められます。選考までに各受入大学が要求するTOEFLスコアに達していない場合も受付けます。ただし、学内選考後の派遣候補大学への出願時(2021年1~2月)迄には、必ず各大学の要求レベルに達したオリジナルスコアカードを提出することが条件であり、達しない場合はいずれかの大学への派遣候補者に選ばれた後であっても、派遣候補大学への出願はできなくなります。応募者の中から選考試験により、約10名が選出されます。

This program is open to all undergraduate students, although it is especially intended for first year students. Applicants GPA* must be 3.0 or above and they must also submit the TOEFL-iBT or IELTS original scorecard (TOEFL-ITP is not acceptable). Even if applicants have not met with English proficiency required by GLFP partner universities at the time of selection yet, applications will be accepted. However, applicants must achieve the specified scores and obtain original scorecard before their study abroad application is officially submitted to the U.S. universities to which the students have been nominated. Applications will be submitted to the U.S. universities in the January-February 2021 timeframe. Through the screening procedure, 10 candidates will be selected from all applicants.

  • **GLFP参加大学が求めるGPA/TOEFL iBT or IELTSスコアとProgram Overview
  • *Required Scores of GPA/TOEFL or IELTS for each GLFP partner university and Program Overview

    ※1 GLFP参加大学のProgram Overview は各校の受入要件であり、受入を保証するものではありません。
    Please note that each university has different requirements for GLFP. For the detailed information, please click the links below and see the PO of each university.
    The admission requirements in the below program overviews serve as a general guideline and do not necessarily guarantee admission to the concerned university.

    ※2 以下の大学は、通常の交換プログラムでの募集ではなくGLFP枠のみとなります。
    Regular exchange program will not be offered to the following institution. Students need to apply through GLFP.
    Columbia University, Dartmouth College, University of Chicago

    ※3 以下の大学は、今年度の募集はありません。
    No recruitment for universities below this year.
    University of California, Berkeley
    University of California, Los Angeles
    Johns Hopkins University

  • *GPAは留学センター計算式で計算されたもので、各所属学部の計算式とは異なることがあります。留学センター計算式は秋募集要項や留学の手引きに記載されているので確認して下さい。
  • *This GPA is calculated according to the calculation formula of the Center for International Education, and may be different from the GPA that each faculty calculates. Please consult “Waseda University Study Abroad Programs Fall Recruitment” for the calculation formula of the Center for International Education.

Important Reminder When Applying for GLFPGLFP出願の際の注意事項

1. プログラム志望順位について
Program Prioritization


GLFP applicants can apply for other program as well as GLFP however, applicants must select GLFP as their first choice when submitting their WEB application. Once an applicant passes the interview and is selected as a GLFP nominee, he/she will not be able to continue the selection procedures for other programs.

2. 志望大学について
Preferred School Prioritization (within GLFP)


Please note that at the time of the WEB application registration, all applicants will apply for GLFP, but not for a specific university. The applicant may later express his/her preferred choice of university in the English statement of purpose essay along with the application materials to be submitted. However, please note that, while the faculty and staff administrators of the program will do their best to give nominees their first choice, this may not be possible in all cases.

3. 書類選考と面接試験について
Written Examination and GLFP Statement of Purpose in English


Submission of GLFP Statement of Purpose is necessary in order to apply for this program even if you have not completed the web application. Please make sure you submit the GLFP Statement of Purpose. ※We will not accept the late submission. GLFP 2020 Fall Recruitment schedule and application forms are available from the link below: