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Program Duration

Prior to Application

Please begin planning one year in advance of your intended study abroad year.
There are two phases to the application process. The first phase is the internal screening process conducted at students' home university. If students pass this internal screening, they will be nominated as potential GLFP students and be eligible to move on to phase two. The second phase is the Waseda University screening process. If students pass the Waseda screening process, they will be able to study at Waseda as GLFP students.
Please note that in order to move on to the phase two (the Waseda screening process), students must first successfully pass phase one (the screening process at their home university).

From the Waseda Application to Receiving the Student Visa

Consult with Your Local Study Abroad Counselor

Timing: October – February

Please consult with your local study abroad coordinator regarding details of the timing and application for the Waseda screening process. Throughout the application process, consult with your coordinator if you have any questions.

Waseda Application Deadline

Timing: March 1st

To avoid problems with your application, please complete it with care and make sure to meet the deadline. If any part is unclear, contact your university's study abroad coordinator for guidance.

Documents from Waseda

Timing: May – June

If you successfully pass the Waseda screening process, Waseda will send an official "Certificate of Admission" to the office of your university that handles study abroad programs. A schedule of the necessary preparations for GLFP will also be included. Please receive these documents from your study abroad coordinator.

Student Visa

Timing: July - early August

Please apply for a student visa at your nearest embassy or consulate. To apply for a student visa, you will need the "Certificate of Eligibility (COE)" which will be sent to your university by Waseda. For more details regarding the visa process, please see here. 

Prior Course Registration

Timing: End of July - Mid August

GLFP students have the privilege to take any courses available from the GLFP Host Schools as well as designated Centers, and will be able to register the courses with the highest priority. In order to register your courses utmost priority, you are required to submit the "Application Form for Course Registration" prior to the arrival. Guidelines and application forms will be sent to your study abroad coordinator from GLP office by the end of July.

Travel to Japan

Arriving at Narita Airport

Timing: Early-September

Most likely, you will arrive at Narita Airport with a mix of excitement and nervousness.


Timing: Mid-September

Students will attend orientations and receive information regarding your life ar Waseda. After completing these initial procedures, students will be able to make a smooth transition into student life at Waseda and immerse themselves in their new environment. Orientation takes place approximately two weeks before the start of classes.

One Year Study Abroad

Length of the Program

Mid-September – End of July of the following year

Global Leadership Fellows Program last for 11 months and it includes U.S.-Japan Zemi, GLF Forum, field trip, internships and other extracurricular activities to help students make the most of their time in Japan. GLFP students will select from English-taught courses offered in the participating undergraduate schools, as well as the Japanese language courses offered by Waseda's Center for Japanese Language.


Finishing GLFP

Timing: End of July

At the end of a year-long joint research, GLFP students will present the final results of the U.S.-Japan Zemi and the one of Global Leadership Fellows Forum to appropriate public audiences in Waseda. GLFP farewell to the many friends they made at Waseda, and return to the U.S.

Returning to Your Home Country

Returning Home

Timing: Early August

Students will depart from the same location as your arrival, Narita Airport. It is our sincere hope that, at that time, you will feel your GLFP experience was a fruitful and an invaluable learning opportunity both inside and outside the classroom.