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Courses in Discipline

Available Courses at Waseda

Courses in Discipline

With the help of an academic advisor, Fellows will select from English-taught courses offered in the participating undergraduate schools (stated below) in which each students will be enrolled.

  • *Please note that information available at present is for the 2024-2025 academic year.
    < Academic Year 2024 > Spring Semester: Apr, 2024~Aug, 2024 / Fall Semester: Sep, 2024~Feb, 2025
Name of School Number of Courses Open to GLFP Students Course List
School of Political Science & Economics 37 PDF 
(Mar.1,2024 upd)
School of Commerce 27
School of Science & Engineering 245
School of Social Science 104
School of International Liberal Studies 183

Course List PDF  (Jul.25,2023 upd)

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Japanese Language Courses

Those who would like to take Japanese or whose home institutions require Japanese language study, courses in Japanese language are available through Waseda's Center for Japanese Language.
In addition, students can also take short-term Japanese courses provided at different levels of proficiency at their own expense. For information on the Center and its course, please visit their website : 

Japanese Language Course List by Level 

Registration Guidebook (PDF)
Japanese Language Course Registration Guidebook 

Courses Offered by GEC (including CIE)

Both CIE(Center for International Education) and GEC(Global Education Center) are inter-departmental organization of undergraduate schools at Waseda University, aiming to further enhance basic education, liberal arts education and international education.
All of the courses offered by the CIE and GEC are open to all undergraduate students regardless of their major, providing them with increased opportunities to use inter-disciplinary, practical, and diversified approach.

  • *Most of the courses offered by GEC are conducted in Japanese and it is required to have N1 level of Japanese proficiency to take courses.
    Registration is not recommended if you cannot understand what the syllabus of each course says, as it will be difficult to keep up with the classes.
    Please also note that there are courses that require audit fees (mainly PE classes), and the fees will not be refunded in case of cancellation.

GEC Course List (including CIE)