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The Global Leadership Fellows Program is an exchange program where Fellows from American partner universities will be exempted from paying Waseda tuitions and fees. Students only need to pay the tuition fee at their home universities during their stay in Japan. In addition, Fellows will be accommodated in the university dormitory without monthly room charge during their stay at Waseda. Thus Fellows will be responsible for the following expenses:

  • Round-trip airfare to and from Japan
  • Local transportation in the U.S. (round-trip between home and nearest international ariport)
  • Local transportation in Japan between Narita or Haneda Airport and Waseda University
  • Administration, membership, and utility fee at the dormitory
  • Meals and other living expenses during the program
  • Study abroad insurance covering the period of stay in Japan

The following list is designed to assist in calculating the total estimated cost of participation to Global Leadership Fellows Program. The amounts are an estimate of minimum expenses and they can be changed by the exchange rate. Also, this does not include personal entertainment or independent travel.

As of January 2020


Expenses covered by the program

Dormitory fee (720.00/month) 7,920.00
Transportation and accommodation fee for field trip in Japan 510
Total of expenses covered by the program 8,430.00

Self-pay expenses

Round-trip airfair 1,600.00
Domitory and facilities fee 420
Utility fee at the dorm (around 70.00/month) 770
Mandatory national health insurance 220
Meals 5,050.00
Incidentals/Transportation/Books 2,000.00
Total of self-pay expenses 10,060.00


There are few dormitories specifically for exchange students at Waseda university and accommodation for U.S. GLFP students will be arranged in Waseda Hoshien International House which is 5 minutes on foot from Waseda campus.

Common facilities

Living, kitchen, lobby, TV set, internet cables, toilet, shower room and launderette are shared for common use. Meal service is not provided.

PC room

PC room and a health consultation room opened to all dormitory students.

Private room

All rooms are for single-use. A bed, refrigerator, desk, chair, closet, bookshelf, lamp stand and air-conditioner are provided.