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The 10th GLFP Students' Mid-term Presentation was held.

Jan. 24, 2024

On Wednesday, January 17, in 2024, the 10th GLFP Students successfully gave mid-term presentations at GLFP Forum. GLFP Forum is a one-year mandatory curriculum in which post-study abroad Waseda students learn together with international students from the U.S. partner universities for a year in the fall and spring semesters. A total of 9 GLFP students, including 2 U.S. students who have joined since last September and 7 Waseda students conducted research on a global issue according to a theme of their interest.

In this mid-term presentation, they had deepened their understanding on "Echo Chambers," and gave their presentation to approximately 50 participants in hybrid (in person, online, and live streaming) format. During the Q&A session, the groups received many comments and questions from the on-site audience and online participants. It was a fruitful opportunity for the 10th GLFP students to inspire their future research activities.

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