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Kick-off Orientation for GLFP 12th cohort was held.

Jan. 09, 2024

Kick-off Orientation for GLFP 12th cohort was held on Wednesday, December 13 of 2023. Nine students gathered who were chosen to participate in GLFP in the screening that took place recently. After an address made by Prof. Rhee Maji, Dean of the Center for International Education, the 12th cohort students briefly introduced themselves. As GLFP students should be, they are such diverse students who are from different schools with a variety of interests and background. GLFP is a program that encompasses not only one-year study abroad at universities in the US, but also mandatory curriculums before and after the study abroad. Therefore, the same cohort of students will share various hardships as well as the progress they make for the next three years. We are looking forward to their adventures and success in the future!