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Invited Guest Speakers in Global Leadership Fellows Forum.

Jun. 20, 2019

In June 2019, we invited three distinguished guest speakers in the Global Leadership Fellows Forum. This special lecture series offered opportunities for GLFP students to think and discuss the idea and practice of sustainability in a global society.

Dr. Keith Alverson, Director of International Environmental Technology Center, the United Nations Environment Program, offered a lecture titled as “Sustainable Waste Management for Climate Change Mitigation and Plastic Pollution Prevention”. Dr. Alverson explained waste management with focus on plastic pollution and discussed the approaches for implementing preventive measures.

Mr. Takayuki Tujii, General Manager, Patagonia Japan, introduced the idea and practice of corporate environmental and social responsibility through the case of the company. Mr. Tsujii discussed the role of citizens and consumers that would make an impact in the process of making decisions and the direction of the corporations.

Ms. Kazuko Ito, Lawyer, Secretary General of Human Rights Now discussed the human rights issues in global supply chain. Ms. Ito explained how the organization has been working on human rights issues through the original research and policy advocacy via United Nations.

In the lecture series, GLFP students had opportunities to learn about human rights and environmental issues and the possible approaches to make a change directly from the representatives in the fields and discussed the roles of citizens for the sustainable future of our global society.

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