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Global Leadership Fellows Program (GLFP) Public Presentation (July 3rd)


Global Leadership Fellows Program will hold the 5th Annual GLFP Students’ Presentation Session on July 3, 2019. GLFP Students (Waseda and Partner universities in the U.S.) will be presenting their research project on sustainability with analysis of fast fashion industry. Students made a research on various dimensions of the industry, including environment, human rights, media, and corporate social responsibility and discuss agenda and possible approaches for a sustainable global society.

Global Leadership Fellows Program (GLFP) Public Presentation
Date & Time: July 3, 2019 Wed. 18:30~20:30 (No Reservation Required)
Venue: WASEDA Campus Ono Auditorium (Building #27/B2F) MAP
Language: English
Contact: GLFP Office, Center for International Education