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GLFP students visited Hiroshima in GLFP Field Trip.


In February 2019, GLFP Students in the 5th Cohort visited Hiroshima as GLFP Field Trip to study peace building in a global society.

Hiroshima Trip1

On the 1st day, students visited Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, including Atomic Bomb Dome and Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum to study historical experience of Hiroshima. Students then visited Radiation Effects Research Foundation and learned about their long-term research on impacts of radiation on health of victims.

Hiroshima Trip2

On the 2nd day, Professor Robert Jacobs, Hiroshima Peace Institute, Hiroshima City University, offered a lecture on history of development of nuclear weapons and the impacts of nuclear tests in a global society. In the afternoon, GLFP students visited UNITAR (United Nations Institute for Training Research) Hiroshima Office. Ms. Mihoko Kumamoto, Director of UNITAR Hiroshima Office explained the mission, activities, and training program of UNITAR. Dr. Nassrine Azimi, the former director of UNITAR Hiroshima and a co-founder of Green Legacy Hiroshima Initiative gave a short lecture on activities of the organization, sharing idea of peace through protecting and offering the seeds and saplings of A-bomb trees, and offered a guided tour of visiting sites of A-bomb-trees near the office and Hiroshima castle. In late afternoon, GLFP students visited Hiroshima Jogakuin High School to meet with high school students to have a discussion on the idea of peace and challenges for global peace at a peace studies workshop.

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On the final day, students visited Miyajima to look around within and near Itsukushima shrine to explore cultural diversity in Japan. Throughout this field trip, GLFP students had a chance to learn the past and present of Hiroshima to discuss the ways of peace building in a global society and further enhanced their relations and bonding.

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