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We're back from Bonding Camp! (GLFP 5th Cohort)


A GLFP 5th cohort bonding camp took place in Karuizawa as a total of 17 students participated—study abroad students who had just arrived from the U.S. and Waseda University students who had just come back from studying abroad in the United States. This event, which was the first time students from both countries met, was carried out with the aim of team-building for studying together for the coming year. Students left the Okuma Auditorium on a beautiful sunny day on September 9th, and stayed at the Waseda University Seminar House for one night. It was a short event, but as you will read below, it was a very productive experience.

The first day was orientation on the program by GLFP Director Professor Shinoda, and the students introduced themselves to each other. Their unique introductions were not only about their universities and majors, but also about stories that allowed us to have a glimpse of their personalities, so it was a time full of laughter. Next was an ice breaking time just among the students. Although there was a sort of wait-and-see mood between the students of the two countries at first, the bonding leader Ms. Yuka Kumazawa set the relaxing mood for everyone to communicate with each other, and then as American students actively suggested playing a game, among other activities, it also tuned out to be a great time to get to know each other.

The second day was “curling,” an activity to effectively realize team-building! It was a first time experience for everyone. The students learned the basic moves on the ice from the instructor for an hour, and in the end, everyone enjoyed playing a game by dividing up into two teams. Each member gave it their best, and they were immersed in the teamwork.

The staff was also excited watching the game. They hoped that the students will treasure their feelings of joy of winning and disappointments of losing, and respect the feelings of teammates and opponents, and be able to participate in the coming one-year GLFP program assignments and activities with their GLFP fellows. After playing curling, it unfortunately started to rain, but everyone enjoyed barbequing at the Karuizawa Taliesin. Some of the students seemed a bit tired because they were sound asleep in the bus on the way back, but the bonding camp was a success, and we look forward to an active GLFP 5th cohort.