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Bonding Camp

Bonding Camp


Every year, we carry out a Bonding Camp as a kick-off event of meet and greet for Waseda students who have just come back home from study abroad and American students who have traveled to Japan to start studying at Waseda. The main purpose of the camp is team building among cohorts who will be studying together for a year, and as they spend two days together discussing one another’s backgrounds, areas of research, hobbies, etc., it always turns out to be an unexpectedly fun and exciting trip.

2019年9月 6期生ボンディングキャンプ/ Sep 2019 Bonding Camp(6th Cohort)
GLFP6期生 ボンディングキャンプに行ってきました!
We’re back from Bonding Camp!(GLFP 6th Cohort)

2018年9月 5期生ボンディングキャンプ/ Sep 2018 Bonding Camp(5th Cohort)
GLFP5期生 ボンディングキャンプに行ってきました!
We’re back from Bonding Camp!(GLFP 5th Cohort)

Field Trip

Field Trip

例年、秋学期授業の終了した春休み期間中にフィールド・トリップ(GLFP Field Trip)を実施しています。必修科目であるフォーラム(Global Leadership Fellows Forum)において取り組んだテーマ学習についてさらに深めることを目的としています。早大生・留学生が学外で学びながら一緒に過ごすため、GLFP学生間の結びつきがさらに強まります。

We have GLFP Field Trip during the spring break after the end of class sessions in fall semester. The objective of this field trip is to further deepen the students’ understanding of themes covered in the Global Leadership Fellows Forum. Since Waseda and US students study and work together outside of the campus for a couple of days, the bond in the GLFP Community becomes stronger through the experiences in the field trip.

2020年 6期生フィールドトリップ/ 2020 Field Trip(6th Cohort)
GLFP Archive Field Trip 6th Cohort 2020

2019年 5期生フィールドトリップ/ 2019 Field Trip(5th Cohort)
GLFP Archive Field Trip 5th Cohort 2019