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情報は2019年9月30日現在の情報です。 出願前には必ず最新の情報を再確認してください。派遣先大学の事情等により、受入要件が変更される場合がありますので、予めご了承ください。

This is information as of September 30th, 2019. Please confirm latest information before applying. Please note that the admission requirement(s) may be subject to change due to circumstances of the partner universities.


Regular exchange program will not be offered to the following institution. Students need to apply through GLFP.
Columbia University, Dartmouth College, Johns Hopkins University, University of Chicago

以下GLFP参加大学のProgram Overview は各校の受入要件であり、受入を保証するものではありません。

Please note that each university has different requirements for GLFP. For the detailed information, please click the links below and see the PO of each university. The admission requirements in the below program overviews serve as a general guideline and do not necessarily guarantee admission to the concerned university.